Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yamaha Asia Beat Competition 2015 Singapore National Champions "Sangriento" - Ghost of the Past EP launch - 2 July 2016

Dear readers,

Yamaha Asia Beat Competition 2015 Singapore Representative Champions band 
Sangriento is launching their debut EP launch on coming Saturday 2 July 2016.

Check out their Wanderer Official Music Video below!

More details on the EP launch below:

Date: 2 July 2016
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: BluJaz Café (12 Bali Lane, Singapore 189848) - Nearest MRT: Bugis
Supporting band acts: Boxchild and Victoria Street

I first met Rayne (their keyboardist) who was also at Singapore Baybeats Festival 2016 
observation deck in the discussion talk "How bands can leverage on indie labels and 
government programs?" on 25 June 2016. She was pretty friendly and invited me to 
her band EP launch. Such an invitation formed a good impression on me.

Lol yes sometimes I get invites to other band album launches to promote their music. 
But I don't do it just so to get invitations to cool music parties or performances. 

I do it because I like music and see/feel the struggles budding musicians have to go through 
in their music lives. Simply I just want to make the world a better place to live. 

I also got buy a lot of tickets to watch concerts in the past de hor...just that I cut down a lot 
nowadays due to other commitments.

Tip to new budding musicians/singer-songwriters/bands: If you are new to the scene, 
please network and build relationships with the "connectors" (music bloggers/photographers, 
indie music label managers, music promoters/publicists, music collective activists, 
government related art agencies like National Arts Council). 

Be friendly to them and respect them even if you don't think you will collaborate with them on your level. 
You never know how it may affect you. The scene is pretty small...words spread really fast lol.

For goodness sake, you need to either get their contact no, social media or some form of contact point to promote your music.

If you cannot be bothered to know these connectors better, they probably won't show interest to you 
as a person and your music though exceptions do happen who are real music lovers/activists.

Having said that, I need to talk to more people...sometimes too engrossed in listening and 
grooving to live music performances liao.

If you are not hungry enough to build connection networks with such "connectors", 
your music will be heard less likely by others even if your music is "good". 

The standard of musicianship and performance quality in bands/musicians is 
getting better each year in Singapore as compared to bands/musicians in the past. 

Ask yourself: "If everyone is so damn good at the same level, then how is your music 
going to differentiate from the rest of them?"

Ok enough rambling liao. Want to know them better?
Check out the press release media kit given by Rayne:

Appreciate the band for making such a professional looking press release media kit. 

It shows how serious they are in making sure that it looks presentable to promoters. 
If you don't take your promotion seriously, don't expect people to take you seriously.

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That's all from me! Until then, see u guys again!


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