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Singapore's First Musical Keyboard Korg Pa600SG Product Launch

Hi folks it's me AJ!

I have not been blogging much. So here's my first blog post for 2016.

WARNING: Do not attempt to finish looking at the article at one go if you have short attention span!

In collaboration with Republic Polytechnic and Korg Inc, City Music Co. Pte Ltd held the product launch
for the latest Korg Pa600SG keyboard in Republic Polytechnic (RP) on 2 June 2016.

I had rsvped online to attend the event.
On the event day, the sky was pouring massive raindrops down onto our Northern side of Lion City.
While walking my way to RP with my umbrella, a mini-van slowed down and stopped besides me. 

"Where are you heading to?" the driver questioned after opening his van door.  

At first I was a bit surprised. 
I answered "Err I am heading to Republic Polytechnic for a music product launch." 
His reply was "Come let me give you a ride since I am on the way!" 

Wow I really didn't expect such a kind gesture to happen to me. 

I hopped into his mini-van and introduced myself as AJ.
He introduced himself as Mas a fellow Singaporean.

Apparently he was from C & P Rent A Car Pte Ltd driving to his next service job.
We had a good conversation during the ride.

Then he dropped me at the bus stop besides RP.

Too bad he doesn't have a name card. 
I thanked him for his kind gesture after alighting from his van.

This incident reminded me to be kind towards others though you take measures 
from being taken advantage of your kindness.

You never know when you will receive your next kind gesture from people. ;)

In RP, I went straight to Block W1, Level 1 and registered at the counter. 
First thing I noticed before I stepped into the entrance is: 

Korg PA600SG Product Launch Banner Standee

When I stepped into the room, it looks like a big hall.
Several Korg Pa600SG keyboards were placed at one corner for public to 
have their fingers playing the keyboards.
Check venue tour below!

I saw Rusdi (City Music staff) and began chit-chatting with him about the product launch.

After a while, my eyes caught a bunch of young adults standing at a table nearby.
I came up to them and introduced myself to them. 

Through my conversation with these young adults, I realised that they were RP student graduates 
(Diploma in Sonic Arts Programme) who completed the music project in sampling different sounds 
of traditional ethnic music instruments inspired by Singapore's own multi-racial society (Chinese, Malay, Indian) for Korg Pa600SG keyboard.

Me in centre with the RP music project student graduates
(On my left: Joey Lim, Norris Sufiqah Bte Suhaimi. On my right: 
Azurah Jan Che Onn Azahar, Mohamed Ifraq Bin Mohamed Basir) 

After the conversation, I also managed to speak with several RP staff.
Haha I even helped to take some photos of RP CCA Gamelan Ensemble 
"Gamelan Naga Kencana" for the staff.

RP Gamelan Ensemble "Gamelan Naga Kencana" 

Soon the product launch was about to start. I sat down and chit-chatted with two Chinese ladies besides me.
These ladies were teachers from a primary school who were involved with music in their own ways.
(Sorry ladies I cannot recall your names but we might meet again in future?)
They were pretty friendly :)

Shortly after the start of the launch, the emcee introduced "Mike Mayuni" keyboardist 
(Korg Pa600SG Product Consultant - Malay instruments) on stage. 
Check out the opening music performance by Mike Mayuni!

For Korg Pa600SG keyboard, Mike demonstrated different unique functions/styles/sounds
specifically for Singapore and Malaysia market.

Mike Mayuni's demonstration of Korg Pa600SG on stage

It's pretty impressive to see him playing the keyboard and switching to various 
Kung-Fu, Getai, Chinese Festival, Bollywood, Bhangra, Zapin, Joget, Inang, Zapin styles etc... .

The keyboard also features different ethnic instruments which you can look forward to use in 
Malay weddings, Chinese New Year/Chinese Shop Opening Ceremony/Getai, Bollywood movies/dance.
Listen to sound samples demos below:

Guitar Heroes! Stop your try-hard attempt to emulate these bad-ass sounds on your guitars 
and leave it to the Keyman!

And as always, don't try this at home folks ;)

What came next after the product demonstration was the appreciation ceremony to various partners,
musicians and organisations involved in one way or the other. Soon the ceremony ended.

 Ms Junny Pang (Korg International Sales Dept) presenting token of appreciation to
Mr Mike Chiang (Project Consultant - Chinese Instruments)

After the ceremony, the emcee introduced RP Gamelan Ensemble "Gamelan Naga Kencana"
to give a special music performance together with Mike Mayuni and Pa600SG keyboard on stage.

Then the music performance ended. 
It was time for light refreshments where I got the chance to speak with more people.

I managed to take some pictures together with RP students, 
the teacher in charge of the music project and some other people.
Towards the end of the event, I managed to talk to the teacher 
in charge of handling the music project with the students.

Me and teacher in charge of music project: Mr Ng Ting Hsiang (Lecturer "Sampling" - School of Technology for the Arts)

Overall the event was pretty good with a couple of contact cards, contact numbers given to me.

My thanks and appreciation for the hospitality given by

1) RP staff and students (Ms Tan Fong Ling, Lavanath Shanmugan - handling PA console for that event,
Mr Ng Ting Hsing, Mr Patrick Seng - Media, Mr Errol George and his social media team, RP music project student graduates and their fellow classmate who refused to let me know the link of POSB/DBS song lol...)

2) City Music Staff (Rusdi, Lim Si Wei, Mike Mayuni and the rest of the staff helping on that day)

3) Musicians/people (Mr Niranjan, Mr Gopala Krishna S/O Murugaya (George), the two lovely teachers etc)
who have shared their feelings/thoughts in one way or the other.

Btw City Music is still having promotion on Pa600SG keyboard with vouchers given out during the launch.
If you want to purchase the keyboard, present the voucher to them. It ends on 18 June 2016 extended to 9 July 2016.

Promotion Launch for Korg Pa600SG keyboard

For those who don't have the voucher and want the voucher, I have 1 in my hands.
Probably I can ask for you guys for more vouchers from City Music but I cannot guarantee you can get it.

And if you like what you have read, subscribe to my blog via email, 
follow me on twitter or contact me for a coffee/tea session.
More to come for interview/news in regards to Korg Pa600SG keyboard and music technology :)

SideNote: For an introvert like me, it's still rather nerve-wrecking for me to 
be speaking to strangers in music events.

To be honest, I am more of a listener than a talker.

But I figured out that I need to get out of my comfort zone to speak with people 
and build emotional connection with them.
That makes me grow as a man...
Haha I become statue man at times. I am just only human. :)

Of course if anyone comes up and chat with me, I would be more than happy to speak with you.

You might spot me enjoying and moving my body with music I feel in my heart.
So raise your hand and do a BIG KALLANG WAVE in front of me.
That will stand a HIGH CHANCE to catch my attention lol... :)

That's all folks!!! Till next time, I will speak to you again. :)

AJ - MusicArtLifeSG

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