Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Korg Pa600SG Music Project Interview

Hi readers,

I mentioned that I will be bringing more interview/news for 
Singapore's First Musical Keyboard Korg Pa600SG Product Launch. 
Check out the interview below:

Korg Pa600SG music project Interview
Interviewer: AJ Chen (MusicArtLifeSG)
Interviewees: RP student graduates (Diploma in Sonic Arts Programme) 

1. How were u guys selected for this project?
-We weren't selected. It was a topic that was given for us to choose. So happen our team selected this Korg project.

2. How was your experience working with various project mates, musicians and partners (City Music, Korg, Republic Polytechnic) involved in the project?
-It was a very enriching experience to work with a great team and helpful facilitator in this project. Not forgetting market players such as City Music and first-hand interaction with local traditional musicians.Indeed, very eye opening.

3. What are the challenges faced in completing this project?
-Few challenges include language barrier, accommodating school timing among the members and also the timing with the musicians.

4. If there was one particular item you could change in this project, what would it be?
-One item eyy..hmmmm, I guess better school timetable that doesn't clash with this FYP project would help us manage the project better.

5. What funny/quirky observation would you share about yourself or your project mates?
-When we are stressed out we eat and just sing and dance to random songs to let it off. Our form of entertainment.

6. What plans (music/non-music related) do you guys have in near future? 
Feel free to share your music stuff if you like it to be featured in my music blog.
- For now all of us are walking different paths. At the moment,I'm the only one pursuing music related course at Lasalle.
my visual blog:

7. Who are the people you like to thank for this music project?
-Firstly to thank Republic Polytechnic for giving such an opportunity, awesome facilitator, Ting Hsiang, my team without them things would not have put into action and last but not least family and friends who have never doubted me :)

---------------------------------------- End of interview ---------------------------------------------------

In the meanwhile, I have been attending music events and meeting with a no. of related music professionals/lovers (DJs, musicians, music promoters, music companies, music startup etc...) 
to connect, understand and learn about valuable tips/insights about music industry/tradition/culture as a whole. 

In understanding and learning such music information, I hope MusicArtLifeSG can help to contribute to 

support/build/inspire musicians, music company start-ups, music industry/culture in its own small capacity. 

Yes I have been learning valuable lessons about life in this journey of discovery.

I look music as individual choices that people choose for themselves or society will choose for them. 

I believe that if you as a musician/music builder who is working really hard to hone your craft, 

learning to build your own brand identity and building good relationship with the music/art connectors 
(music bloggers, music promoters, photographers etc...), fans will come flocking to you.

When you reach that level, it doesn't matter if your music is from Singapore or a musician based in Singapore. 

Music transcends boundaries.

Spread love within yourself and others! :)

As much as I would like to contribute more, I can only do so much with limited time and resources.

If you like to help MusicArtLifeSG in your own way, I will be more than glad to talk to you. 

And if you like what you have read, subscribe to my blog via email, 

follow me on twitter or contact me for a coffee/tea session.

A sidenote: A Singapore traditional music association will be performing in Japan (Tokyo) on 30 June and Yokohama on 1 July 2016 nights. 

I will be posting the information this coming friday. 

Be sure to look out for it!

If you are in Japan or know music lovers who is in Japan, please help to share the information with them when I posted the information.

Btw if any of you are fellow Singaporean musicians based in overseas, I will also love to connect with you. :) 

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