Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In A Heartbeat (2011 NDP song) accused of plagiarism in Justin Bieber's hit Song "That should be me"!!!

Our new National Day Parade song "In A Heartbeat"
was accused of plagiarism in
Justin Bieber's hit song "That should be me?"

The original music video of "In A Heartbeat"
as shown below:

Youtube user einrahseinraw recently
posted up a video of "NDP Song 2011
In a Heartbeat Chords COPIED from Justin Bieber"

Apparently he mentioned on the chords of
the hit song by Justin Bieber "That Should be Me"
being copied and plagiarized by the NDP
song "In a heartbeat". he
really refering to the chords or the melody?

Singaporeans are not creative
by copying the same chords in a song?

Mr Einrahsinraw I would suggest u
to get your facts right.
U are not being creative
for plagiarizing chords structure!?

Are u kidding me?
Similar chords are literally
copied everywhere
in many different song hits
and music genres.

Don't believe me?
Check out this funny video
of the Australia comedy group
Axis of Awesome - 4 Four Chord Song (with song titles)
Yes!!!...all the songs are hit songs with the same 4 damn
chords structure!

To be honest, I don't even recall that
music plagiarism in using the same music chords
exists in international music law.

Want Singapore-based musicians to get
creative? Then I suggest...guys
listen to original music composed by
them before even accusing them of being
boring and not creative.

Creativity comes with
the right mindset of 
open-minded listening audience
and "random chaos" environment.

So don't expect it to happen if u dont
even want to listen.

Do I support Singapore music?
My two cents on that matter?

1) Yes...only if they are produced with
quality regardless of race,
language or religion as stated in our
Singapore National Pledge lol... .

2) No...if u produce crappy quality stuff
with bad recording...pls dont expect me
to buy. This is basic common sense
for buying any kind of products... .

And please dont count on me...count on yourself
to make creative music just like the video of
Dr Tan Cheng Bock (one of the presidential
candidates in the upcoming Elected Presidency contest)
in this video below:

Last but not least,
I am calling all people of Singapore
in a heartbeat together united u and me to
share our love of Singapore through music.

Remember to subscribe if u want me to
continue writing blog posts like this
one. :)

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