Friday, August 19, 2011

TANGLIN CC STUDIO FUND RAISER (For Jazz Music Lovers & Jammers)

The Tanglin Music Club is organising a fund raising event for TCC Studio facilities, instruments and equipment. The details are as followed:

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Tanglin Jazz Jam, over the past 10 years, have been an ever present platform for musicians to practise their skills and interact with fellow jazz musicians. In our own small way, we have often been the humble cradle which nurtured talented young jazz musicians to learn their chops and go on to greater things and recognition. Many of the young musicians gigging regularly around Singapore today gained their early confidence in our jazz jams.

This is the first time since our inception that we are conducting a fundraiser to upgrade and improve our Tanglin CC Studio facilities, instruments and equipment - for all 3 studios. Our target is to raise at least $30,000 from among our own musicians, jammers and their supporters against which the CC management will equal it with another $30K. To achieve this end, we are now passing the hat around for your generous contributions. There will also be a gala Charity Concert on 27th August (date to be confirmed) where we will feature guest stars and our very own selection of bands and performers. Your jam masters and all band leaders will be consulted along the way on how the funds will be wisely applied.

As a Jam Group, we have had the privilege to use the Underground Studio every week free of charge whereas bands have to pay the standard rates. We should therefore show our support and generosity, which after all, ultimately benefits our own playing pleasure. I recommend that contributions start at a minimum of $50 (obviously there is no maximum) but if you cannot afford this amount we will gladly accept what you can offer.

I shall be personally going round to drive this fund-raiser as soon as I am mobile from my foot operation, but to begin the assisting Jam Masters John Wong and Maideen will be in charge of the collections.

Your support is vital and I thank you in anticipation of your positive response. May the music live on !!


Frank Wong
Jam Master

If u have benefited from the music jams or want to contribute your part in the music scene, u can contact Frank Wong for more details on the fund raising event via his email:

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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