Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NEON TREES @ Fort Canning Park concert experience July 2011

Recently NEON TREES with special guests "We Are Scientists" performed at Fort Canning Park on 26 July 11. Check out the pictures of the live concert taken by a veteran photographer Mr Richard Seah (Credits to Mr Richard Seah: ( below:

My tix winners of the NEON TREES concert
shared their feelings and thoughts on the
concert itself when asked upon the questions:

1) How was the experience for you at NEON TREES concert?
2)What do you wish to say to the band NEON TREES?

Eugene Chong (Twitter winner kasou80)
1) It was an enjoyable evening. The sound was great for an outdoor event. Neon Trees front man Tyler was spontaneous and energetic, great qualities for the front man of a band. The band was really tight too.
2) I wish to say that my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our night out at the concert and hope for them to churn out more infectious tunes!

Benny Lim Jian Liang (Twitter winner BennyLimm)
1) The experience for me at Neon trees concert was awesome as it is my first outdoor concert at Fort Canning Park and Tyler Glenn made the atmosphere really kickass and We are scientists are awesome!
2) I would say that Neon tree's frontman has done a great job making the band successful and the female drummer's backing vocals gave the band a wide variety of sound, everyone in the crowd were cheering when she sang and drum!

Liu Jun Hao (Benny's friend)
1) I enjoy the concert as my tickets was given and i got to see my favourite drummer Elaine Bradley, The place was quite stuffy but it was worth the go!
2)Neon trees has really nice and melodious songs which is nice to sing along to, and i am considering asking my band to jam Neon tree's songs.

Wow...looks like our Singapore audience
really love them!

Then what do NEON TREES think of
our little red dot country?

Check out this funny video of
NEON TREES in Singapore learning
Singlish and eating Kaya Toast
with DJs from Mediacorp
Radio Station FM 98.7!

Last but not least, I want to thank Ivy Woo,
Leroy Chan and Sarah of FoodNews PR and FIJI WATER
for providing me and all my twitter winners
the tixs to watch such an energetic band!

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