Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lady Gaga Bad Romance "Joker Lyrics" Reaching SUPER DISLIKE STAR Status!

Most of us heard of the Lady Gaga hit song "Bad Romance".
Looks like this song have really met its bad romance
and reaching its SUPER DISLIKE STAR status with
its modified "joker lyrics".

According to reliable news source from Channel NewsAsia and Strait Times,
NDP organisers did not obtain the rights to modify lyrics.

This must be a joke of the day to me and all Singaporeans!

Singapore is such a FINE country which Singaporeans
abides to obey the international lawful rules... .
Such things should been checked before hand.
How can the organisers miss this out!?

Apparently many netizens DO NOT LIKE the chessy
modified lyrics...a total of 2,369 dislikes and still counting
as of 6 July 11 when I viewed it!

Video link (**NDP 2011 CR3 (Fun Pack Song, "Bad Romance - Lady Gaga): - The link is blocked...I present u the same video by another user below:

That itself shows the importance of
writing good lyrics for a song.

My few options of suggestion to
the one who wrote the lyrics?
1) Bury yourself in the hole so that no one will find u.
2) "BANG" your head with our SAF's SAR21 assault rifle.
OR 3) Buy books on writing good lyrics before
any further attempt to become a laughing
stock again. Here's one recommended book for u:

4) Buy original composed songs to replace "BAD ROMANCE" song.

    Buying the rights to modify “BAD ROMANCE” lyrics will COST 
    MUCH MORE than u can imagine.

If u treat me nicely to "lakopi" (drink coffee), I might
tell u the company rending such music services.

For viewers and readers,
share your views and comments with me on the video!

If u guys want to share news on the current music
affairs from Singapore, u can email to 

Until then, GO GAGA with

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