Friday, October 31, 2008

PUSHIN" ON @ Blu Jaz Cafe - 31 Oct 08

Hallowen nite is BACK on this Friday!!! Where are the ghosts, zombies, spirits and Draculas??? Woo...they must be hiding in motowns and dark alleys waiting to scare the SOUL out of u!!! Man...u probably have to perform Michael Jackson's moonwalk dance and shouT "Out" to crucify them!

As if they are not the only trouble in town, some bad dudes sent by the notious Mafia are theatening the citzens with their HIP HOP moves to show how "bad" they are. FUNKY policemen arrive just in time to arrest the gangsters with their handcuffs.

When the streets return to peace once again, ABBA Dancing Queen is going to drop the lights on to dig out those DISCO sounds! Towards the morning, the clubbers will probably be too tired....and taking their break to enjoy their chill-out JAZZ tunes.

Yes...u are in for a chilling treat @ Blu Jaz Cafe where u get to enjoy all those HUGE music genres under one roof.

Music Event: Pushin" On
Date: 31 Oct 08
Time: 2100 hours (9 pm)
Location: Blu Jazz Cafe

Credits given to Belinda Tan (Blu Jaz Cafe - Marketing and PR in charge) and Blu Jaz cafe for the information provided below:

Blu Jazz Cafe Address:
No. 11 Bali Lane
(Entrance Via Ophir Road, Next to the Bus Stop after Golden Landmark Hotel)
Historic Kampong Glam
Singapore 189848
Click HERE for directions

Opening Hours: Mon to Thurs (12noon to 12 midnight)
Fridays (12noon to 2am)
Saturdays (4pm to 2am)

For reservations, please contact +65 6292 3800

Event Info:
Groove Works return on Wednesday with some improv and a few beloved jazz selection. Led by Greg Lyons, Groove Works comprises musicians from other genres who have just fallen in love with jazz or have harboured the secret desire to break free and experiment.

Set starts at 9pm @ Cafe (1st Floor)

Halloween Night sees us well-founded Greg’s Monster Trio with lovely jazz pieces, perfect for those not into any strenuous form of trick or treating, save for raising a mug of beer or two. Set starts at 9:30pm.

OR if you feel like pumping up your Halloween, DO go up to the 2nd Floor with Pushin’On. This Fri, we feature DJ Naz from Merlions of Hip-Hop (Tuckshop). Naz is like the best friend’s sister you wish was yours; sweet, caring and with a cool hip-hop record collection. We also have long-time collaborator Eeshaun on ‘live’ VJ. For the first time you can get down with ‘live’ visual projections from the artist behind some of the art at Blu Jaz Café and the first Pushin’On t-shirt. You got to have it.9pm till there is lightfeat. DJ Naz and Eeshaun on “live” visualswith DJ Chunk, DJ Shellsuit & MC Masterpiece

Free entry & no dress code

Website: http://

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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