Monday, October 20, 2008

The b.e.atsproject Meetup Gathering - 23 Oct 08

Hi there will be a new artistic/music meetup for another group "The b.e.a.tsproject Meetup" on 23rd Oct 08. For those interested to find out more, u may sign up as a member of The b.e.a.tsproject Meetup on the meetup website. Pls note to sign up and indicate yr attendance on the meetup group if u are really going. If u don't, they might just ignore u...(just kidding). It would be a polite attitude on yr side for them to know that u are part of the meetup group.

Details on the gathering:
Date: 23 Oct 08
Time: 1900 hrs (7pm)
Location: Global Sounds Cafe
Admission: FREE!!!

Purpose of the group:

The b.e.a.t.sproject mission is to allow individuals to Be .Enthusiastic. About .Thy. Self. That makes up b.e.a.t.s. in acronyms.

It is an avenue whereby all with talent,hidden talent and undiscovered talent will be able to freely express themsleves with no judgemnet or repurcussions as we encourage members to respect each others form of free form,dance,drama or music. It is a society that encourages different styles of art expression to collaborate with each other in its purest form of natural beauty. Because it being very 'Local' this sense I mean involves heartlanders from different walks of life and styles. Mostly,youths are involved in the b.e.a.t.sproject but the b.e.a.t.s welcome all age limit.

It is usually voluntary based if you would like to showcase your talent or work. We do not have a designated venue for b.e.a.t.s as events and shows happen at anytime and place. It's a meetup of ppl with similar interests..that's all. We just wanna soak in all this good vibes.
Thank you for reading..about the the b.e.a.t.s.

Hasta Luego Amigos Y Amigas

Muchos Gracias

Leoni Matahari & Asaro Tul

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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