Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Jazz By The Beach" 19 July 2008 Music Event

Hi guys,

well its been quite a long time for words to appear in my blog. Haha...too many music events like "Electrico" national tour and "Jazz on The Waterfront" happening around. I will be currently writing about my experiences on the past two events. It will take some time for me to finish writing. Pls wait patiently...lol. In the meanwhile, here's another upcoming music event:

Back from their successful gig at the event "Blues At The House" at the Singapore Arts Festival 2008, Smokey and the Bandits is back at Sentosa's Jazz By The Beach July event! Come down nd chill out to three sets of eclectic blues music featuring:

Current lineup in "Smokey and The Bandits":

Kelvin Smokey Ng (harmonica)
Gregory Leow (guitar)
Chris Gomez (bass)
Gopal (drums)

and Guests starring: Paul Anderson (vocals, guitar) and the sultry Anjana Srivasan (vocals).

Smokey played at the Chicago Blues Festival with Harry Manx (Canada) and shared the stage with Holmes Brothers (US), Enrico Crivellaro (Italy) and Ohil Manning (Australia). So u guys should come down and catch them again for those who have missed the event "Blues at The House"!

For more details on the location,date and time of the gig itself: CLICK

p/s: Enjoy Happy Hour promo - 1 for 1 San Miguel Light Beer (6pm - 7:30pm) on that event itself!
I have also uploaded one video of Smokey & The Bandits with the permission of Greg (the band's guitarist) in myspace. I will upload the remaining videos when I have more time. To enjoy it, CLICK HERE!!!

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