Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Featuring the cool Blues Band "Smokey and The Bandits" in their first local all blues album

Hey guys,

it's time for me to make some news for the local musicians here in this sunny island of Singapore.

This month June, people are catching onto the blue flu. Latest upcoming local band which has spread the "dreadful" blue flu...is our local blues band: "Smokey and The Bandits".

What can I say about this band? We Singaporeans are well-known for almost coming in first in anything. This band has made a claim on their list: "The ever first blues band to produce a local all-blues album in Singapore!"

Of course if any musicians/people out there who want to protest or disagree with such a claim, pls kindly provide us with evidence of other local musicians who have released such an album before.

"Smokey and The Bandits" Band bio:

Current lineup:
Kelvin Ng- vocals, harmonica
Gregory Leow - guitar
Chris - bass
Gopalakrishnan - drums

Btw the musician in the picture above is not me. Nooooo me not skillful enough to be in the band...lol...it's Kelvin from the band in his earlier days at Chicago Blues festival. Kelvin "smokey" Ng is killer on harmonica lol..!

Hey so where can we buy their offical CD to plead them to sign their autography on it? Err...well we all have to wait patiently like some old men until the cows come home. Who knows when will that be??? Pressing cds and getting the cover done is not even processed yet according to Gregory's information! For now, u guys can only purchase the songs in MP3 digital format on the web.

Location to check out their songs in their album & profile: HERE!

If u guys are wondering the disappearance of an ex-band member Thomas Wong (guitarist featured in the album), Gregory has offically replaced him as a guitarist since he is constantly travelling around the world due to job commitments. Oops...does it sound a bit like the same situation of band member Daniel Sassoon (guitars) leaving Electrico?

In the meanwhile, Smokey and The Bandits will be performing their first gig at the Arts House in the later part of the month in June! I will be posting up information for their gig! Be sure to support them!

Till then, Tata... .;>

Reporting Live from this deadly accurate moment at my wooden desktop


Thomas Wong said...

Nice write up for Smokey & the Bandits AJ. This is the "missing" Thomas Wong here. ;-)

Although I'm now based in Saudi, I've still got my guitars with me and playing frequently at home.

Will be back in Sg in mid July for one week so catch up with you guys then.

Take it easy.


Thomas Wong said...

Just realised that something was missed out too.

The original bass-player on the Smokey & The Bandits album is none other than Louis Lam, current singer and harmonica player of the Chicken Shack Revival.


Kelvin said...

Just want to inform everyone that Smokey and the Bandits are now called Skunkjive.

You can find the same original tunes here: http://www.myspace.com/skunkjive

The soundclick page no longer exists.

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