Friday, June 13, 2008

Free June Music Workshops '08 At EpiStage Academy! this for real? Freebies? Haha Singaporeans are well-known for their "kaisssu" culture to grab any freebies. If u are one of those "cheapo" music lovers who wants to get good free quality stuff, here's some free entertainment and education news for music training:

EPiSTAGE Academy, a new music school is holding free workshops to promote our courses! Do sign up to enjoy a free music lesson for the instrument of your choice. Workshop attendees also enjoy special discounts for music courses, taught in line with syllabus from Berklee College of Music (US) and Trinity Guildhall's Rockschool (UK).

Whether you've always played with the idea of learning an instrument or if you're a dedicated bathroom singer wanting to develop your voice to its full potential, our workshops are a great opportunity for you to begin exploring the intricacies of music.

Taught by passionate and experienced musicians, these workshops are a great starting point for you to try your hand at any of our music courses - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard or Voice. What's more, they're totally free. And you can even bring a friend.

This summer, we're offering the following 1-hr workshops.
I. Sing & Play (Guitar)This workshop includes short lessons on both voice and the guitar, as well as tips on how to coordinate strumming to vocal accompaniment.

II. Sing & Play (Keyboard)Similar to S&P Guitar, we give you an introduction into both voice and keyboard, and then show you how to combine the two.

III. Drums and Bass In a band, the drums and bass guitar must work together seamlessly as the rhythmic voice of any song. This workshop gives you insight into each instrument so you can decide which to pursue.

*Workshops may run overtime to allow for Q & A Session. Our workshops are always in high demand, so do RSVP to confirm your place. Participants who RSVP will receive…- Workshop notes- First 5 sign-ups…. We look forward to jamming with you!

Cheers,EPiSTAGE Academy (formerly known as FusionX Music)

If u guys are still doubting if these trainers are creditable, just take a look at their profiles:

For your information, their latest trainer on Epistage Academy list have worked as Chief Mixer in the making of promotional song for Beijing Olympics 2008 with regional artists such as "Cao Ge" before. Yes...did I mention Mandarin singer "Cao Ge" who sang his own rendition of song "Super Woman" to fame? U r rite! If that fails to impress u, yr standard of trainers is just way too high lol...!

Btw remember to mention that it was Weijie (student of Epistage) who recommended u guys to Epistage. Or else they get blur like sotong and start searching HIGHHHH and loooowwww for yr name in the whole list of enlisted wanababes.

EpiStage Contact information
Office no: 63388913 (latest location moved to a BIGGER and COOLER PLACE: Excelsior Shopping centre)

Enjoy yr workshops and have a GREAT TIME JAMMING AND WHACKING the music!

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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