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Live Lounge Presents: Smells Like Nirvana (29 Sept 11)

For Immediate Release (NUS Radio Pulze)

SINGAPORE, 29th September 2011 – National University of Singapore goes local with
Live Lounge, a concert series hosted by Radio Pulze, the NUS Studentsʼ Deejay Group.
Chill out at the open-air plaza at Yusof Ishak House on campus and enjoy some of the
best homegrown talent that our humble shores offer! 29th September, we bring to three
of the best homegrown talents, who will be gigging out with some of the best original
music, and Nirvana tributes!

There will also be food and beverages on site! It will be from 7:30pm to 10:30pm.
Live Lounge aims to expose the University demographic to homegrown musicians by
providing a platform from which to showcase their awesome talent. It is a free-of-charge
concert in an open-air environment and is located in the central part of the National
University of Singapore.

About Live Lounge:
Radio Pulze Live Lounge was established in 2007 with the aim of being a prominent,
easily accessible platform for the NUS community to experience and embrace local
and original musical talent. With two successful seasons spanning from 2007 to 2009,
Radio Pulze Live Lounge managed to galvanize and excite the NUS community with its
unique melding of free-of-charge live concert format, exclusive interviews with local
performing artistes and intimate, lounge-like ambience.

To date, Radio Pulze Live Lounge has successfully played host to many established
and promising local music acts many of which have gone on to attain significant
reputation in the local music scene (refer to annex. A). All this was done while
simultaneously enriching the NUS community with original Singapore music.
Unlike its predecessors of past years, this semester’s Live Lounge will move from
being a studio/café centered event to a brand new outdoor venue – the Plaza@YIH (for
floor plans refer to annex. B). Drawing reference from past concerts similar to Live
Lounge, for example Timbre Musicfest on campus, the event is expected to draw a
sizeable audience due to its nature and large venue. And unlike past incarnations of
Live Lounge, this time round, Live Lounge at the Plaza@YIH will be open to the general

Live Lounge promises to be the first event of its kind in NUS as well as other
tertiary institutes.

Annex. A:

Amnesia Haze
Amnesia Haze is an alternative rock quintet, hailing from the sunny shores and concrete mazes
of Singapore.
Whether you prefer sweating it out to crunchy guitar tones or kicking it back surrounded by
ambient swirls, their songs aim to meander you through a diversely influenced soundscape,
with inspirations ranging from strained relationships, to sci-fi impressions of dystopia.
With its foundations laid in friendships forged over years of teenage school-ground exploits,
the band fluidly translates this dynamism into its craft; and as it hopes, into the anthemic
refrains of all who care to take a listen.

The Pinholes
Comprising the power-packed act of brothers Famie and Rahmat "Modjo" Suliman on riffing
guitars and vocals, Andi Rahmat on bass and vocals, and Azril Zakaria on drums, percussions
and vocals, this quartet is all out to make your day. This tightly-knit bunch has no doubts about
delivering an awesome party, no objections to a special collaboration and definitely no qualms
about performing great music while having their tongues-in-their-cheek; all of those at the
same time!

Born and bred in "The West Side" (of Singapore, that is), these musicians from "Gomz Street"
met over a strong affinity for music, with the likes of The Quests, The Swallows, Stoned
Revivals, Siglap Five and MC5. And as quickly as they bonded, The Pinholes' profound
passion for music evolved into a unique sound. Expect a brilliant blend of kaleidoscopic beats
and local compositions that capture the soul of Stray Dogs, the dynamism of Mick Jagger and
the harmonic pitching of Beach Boys.

With the naughty "Shake & Bake", refreshing "Never Gonna Take My Life" and the catchy singalong
"Longlive Rock & Roll", it's no surprise the band has hosts of fans and friends in the
league of nine hundred and counting. Their snazzy, original tunes and more have been
performed live on Suria MediaCorp TV; 98.7FM radio shows; Flipside Festival (2009), Lime
Sonic Bang (2007); Rampage the Durian!, Rock the City, Making Waves and Year End
Celebrations (all at Esplanade, 2007); Zouk Out! (2007); 2006 Sembawang Fest; Baybeats
(2005 and 2006) and 2004 F1 Powerboat; as well as collaborated with special projects such as
Rewind: Hitam Puteh Cinema on Wheels (2008), Jazzyjazz and The Razzmatazz with Cake
Theatre (2008).

So, if you're searching for some booty-shaking, anthem-singing, laughter-inducing, fun and
good merry-making Rock and Roll, it's time to catch onto these vivacious vibes. As the song
"Shake & Bake" begins, "If you want it, come and shake it, if it pleases you!"

On May 26 2008, local indie-pop-punk legends Plainsunset will release “PLAINSUNSET”, their
first widely distributed studio album. PLAINSUNSET is the band's self-titled fourth release,
since reforming after their breakup in 2004. Drawing heavily on the influences that inspired
them to make music of their own - from the more familiar U2 and New Order, to power-pop
powerhouses Hey Mercedes and The Starting Line - this album boasts some of Plainsunset's
most accessible music to date. From the opening strains of “Johari Window”, to the plaintive
“River Song” and the hopeful, yet cynical “Children”, lead singer Jonathan Chan’s desire to
relate is obvious. “Our musical approach was to aim for timeless songs. We were more open to
pulling in our older influences to receive input from the timeless to create the timeless,” says
the 33-year-old fine artist.

For the members of Plainsunset, – Jonathan Chan (vocals and guitars), Norsham Husaini
(guitars and backing vocals), Nizam Sukri (bass) and Ronny Laily (drums) all age 33, this much
anticipated fourth release documents Plainsunset’s best and most consistent music to date,
and is also their most adventurous, mature, and accessible studio release. The album is not
just a return to form, but a reinvention of the Plainsunset sound, a tribute to the music that
fuels their heart and soul. PLAINSUNSET is the sound of a band rediscovering and paying
tribute to the music that originally inspired them.

This album certainly charts the 12-year-old band’s steady progression to maturity and
popularity. From their early days, playing to as little as 30 kids at local community centres, to
touring Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and New Zealand, Plainsunset have
had quite an impressive, if convoluted, history. After breaking up in 2004, they set the record
for the greatest attendance in a single set at the Esplanade’s Baybeats Festival (Singapore’s
biggest Indie-Alternative rock festival) with their spectacular comeback performance in 2006.
Most recently, Plainsunset have made a stride into the world of commercial music, with 5
tracks from their upcoming album featured in Star World’s HEROES Season 2 promotional
campaign aired earlier this year.

So for those who have yet to be mesmerized by their explosive live performances, or who have
yet to take notice of Plainsunset’s inspiring tunes and lyrics with a heart, now is the time;
Because as the age old saying goes – “The sun will rise

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