Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Invitation to the "How to Organize a YouTube Celebrity Concert" Public Lecture

Hi Guys,

I just got this email from Sma (School of Management).
For youtube singers/artists/musicians, u might be interested
to attend this interesting lecture below:

Due to the growth of the online generation (or ‘netizens’) and the success of YouTube, the entertainment world is now shifting rapidly online. Find out more on how the online presence is so popular that it is now becoming possible to be a celebrity making videos right from your own home!

SMa Institute is happy to have invited Raphael Lim (Director of RGEN Entertainment) to share with us on how the online presence is so popular currently. He will also be covering the steps he took in organizing and hosting the Boombox Tour 2011 in Perth.

Profile of Raphael Lim

Ø Director of RGEN Entertainment, currently still pursuing a Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound in Murdoch University

Ø Loves to work with upcoming Youtube artists and filmmakers.

Ø Presently going over to America for an exchange program.

Ø Successfully hosted Boombox Tour 2011 in May this year as a student project.

Raphael undertook a live entertainment project and invited world-famous YouTube performers to Perth to entertain about 1,200 Perth’s netizens! The concert was about bringing out artists that have made a name for themselves on YouTube and to bring them onto a physical stage. The artistes who were involved in the tour include Nigahiga, Kevjumba, Jayesslee, D-Pryde, Maribelle Anes and American Idol finalist Andrew Garcia! This kind of concert is only known to those on YouTube and the online world, and it is very popular among teens.

For more information of this session, please refer to the attached eDM or log on to http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=199563793428992.

Details of the event
Date: 26 July 2011, Tuesday
Time: 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Address: CITY Campus @ 410 North Bridge Road, Room 06-07/08

**Refreshments will be provided after the session

For interested parties, kindly RSVP to Meiling at marketing@sma.edu.sg or 6572 7736 by 4 pm 19 July 2011, Tuesday.

Interested parties,
PLEASE CALL ASAP as Meiling will be on leave from Wednesday 20 July 11 onwards.
U can email to me (musicartlifesg@gmail.com) if u want the flyer.

For those who want to attend NEON TREES Concert on 26 July,
be sure to e-subscribe to my blog and twitter
as I have been entitled by FoodNEWS PR to give
away not 1 but 2 pair of NEON TREES concert tickets
to my followers!!!

More details on the NEON TREES concert tickets
give-away will be released later this week.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/musicartlifesg

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