Friday, June 24, 2011

In Each Hand A Cutlass "The Amaranthine Voyage" / Album Launch - 24 June 11

The band "In Each Hand A Cutlass" will be launching their debut album recital tonight!

***Tickets at S$25 + $3 booking fee available from and Sistic outlets. Direct link here:
Catch their live video performances taken at Esplanade recently:

In Each Hand A Cutlass (Live @ Esplanade Waterfront 27/11/10)

In Each Hand A Cutlass' FB page: ***

There’s nothing like creating a soundtrack to life’s unspoken moments and the childlike landscapes that we all paint within ourselves. And that’s exactly what IEHAC hopes to create by weaving through the rich tapestries of different musicalities; constantly exploring new grounds just like how we as human beings constantly grow and learn.

IEHAC will be releasing their debut album "A Universe Made of Strings" on 24th June 2011 at their album launch "The Amaranthine Voyage",which promises to be their most elaborate and extravagant production yet.

Audience will be in for a treat with the thematic stage design/props/visuals that transform the hour's worth into a Mindblowing multi-sensory experience they would take home and reminisce about!


This band of sonic pirates blends progressive rock, ambient, post rock and metal elements, casting all music boundaries aside, to create epic sprawling yearning songs that alternate between lifting your spirit and kicking your butt.

IEHAC is indie rock veteran Daniel Sassoon (Electrico, Livonia, The Recidivists), keyboardist/DJ/dark mistress Amanda Ling (The Synth Experience, Electrico, Throb), producer/engineer Roland Lim (Seraphim, Anna Judge April) and drum wizard Jordan Cheng (Rafe, For This Cycle).

Come sail with us on the Amaranthine Voyage.

Link for the album launch:

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