Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Returning Officer Extraordinaire Yam Ah remix and Time for "Dear Leaders, Hear"

Dear people of Singapore,

I believe that u and I have gone through this general
elections 2011 with such intense and emotional feelings
in us.

We have finally made our voices heard by the government
through our votes.

For those who have voted Worker Party
to take care of u guys in Hougang and Aljunied,
I am glad that u have made the history landmark
in the change of our Singapore political scene.
With such changes, I hope that will help change the
music scene too.

I have nothing against PAP. But I always felt that
diversity of political views and ideas
(the same goes for music) should be given
to us Singaporeans and people who have
made this country to be their homeland.

Anyway here's some videos by Razor TV
about returning officer Extraordinaire
Yam Ah .

Pursuant to Section 49, Subsection 7E,
Paragraph A of the Parliamentary
Election Act, I hereby declare to
introduce the video biography and
dance remix tunes made for him:

Our dear Michelle (musician/singer)
have also re-adapted the song lyrics of
'Mr. President' by Pink
to express her feelings
for Singapore GE2011.

My tears came flowing down when
I saw and heard this video.

Please dear leaders of Singapore
dont just listen only but
hear the cries of Singaporeans:

Video of Dear Leaders, hear - Michelle

For those who have composed and recorded
songs or cover songs for this GE elections,
u can email to me for me to post
up your songs on my blog:


If u don't know what songs to write,
Nicole Seah, Mr Chiam See Tong, returning
officer Extraordinaire Yam Ah Mee
or infamous Tin Pei Ling (aka Kate Spade
known to netizens) are some
real good materials to write about.

Looking forward to it! :)

Note: Join the cause in memory of Nicole Seah and Mr Chiam See Tong:

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