Thursday, May 5, 2011

Haunting Japanese band Mono comes to Zouk in Singapore (6 May 11)

”There are all kinds of live acts. Some are worth shelling out the cash, some are complete rip-offs. Some, even, are worth getting tickets every damn time. Tokyo-based Mono falls into the latter category, because the sound they structure on stage is the kind that will haunt you even as you go to bed and wake up the next day.” – JUNKonline (Online Music Magazine)

Japanese band Mono will be
performing in Zouk on 6 May 11
2molo Friday.

Catch Mono in the touching video
where the masked man seeks to
find his girl:

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(Article Credits: TimeOut Singapore Online)
Stirring from a year’s self-imposed hibernation, Japanese instrumental rockers Mono grace Jiak Kim’s behemoth club for the second time. Believe us, any post-rock fan worth their Godspeed You! Black Emperor vinyl will scramble to snap up a ticket, regardless of whether their eardrums disintegrated during the quartet’s maiden stopover in 2008.

It’s no wonder: after five albums spread out over ten years together, these Tokyo post-rock-cum-ambient soundscapists mastered distilling human emotions into poignant, almost cinematic, wall-of-noise symphonies – their last disc Hymn to the Immortal Wind even made use of a 28-piece orchestra. And the onstage force runneth deep in these guys (it may or may not have anything to do with their rhythm guitarist, Yoda).

In the flesh, they headbang with raw gusto, locks whipping wildly, while whirlpools of reverbed guitars, drums, a smattering of glockenspiel and plenty of pedal delays swell into thundering crescendos before dropping into a bare murmur. If their last stint here was anything to go by, earplugs are a must.

Zouk’s acoustics aren’t to be trifled with, and Mono’s famous for a habit of recording live, so what you hear through headphones really is what you get – although in the flesh, it’s thrice as deafening. Pedalphiles and serial setlist pilferers will want to come early to stake out a prime spot, but really, standing at the back is just as legit, where there’s extra room to mirror the quartet’s writhing as you’re swept up in the sonic sea. An intense show that’s not for the meek. Cherylene Chan

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Video of MONO - Holy Ground: NYC Live - Trailer (with live music orchestra)

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