Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Stories from Wonderland" Album Launch Concert - Tze n Looking Glass (20 Mar 11)

Album Launch Concert: Stories from Wonderland
Band: Tze n Looking Glass
Date and Time: 20 Mar, 8pm
Tix Prices: $16 & $13 (Click on link to find out how to buy tickets)

Enjoy "Stories from Wonderland" Album Concert Trailer

***NOTE : Concert Date is 20th March, NOT 30th March as indicated in the trailer. Tze apologizes for the mistake and any confusion caused.

As u can see, Tze (a Singaporean musician) will be launching his new album "Stories from Wonderland" concert launch on 20 Mar 11.

What makes him pretty impressive is that he is a Singaporean musician who won the semi-finals of International Songwriting Competition (ISC) 2011 through a total of 15,000 entries all over the world. (

So is he and his music worth listening?
Listen to Tze's music from his new album and song covers
in the player below and decide for yourself.

Video of Tze n Looking Glass talking about their music:

About the "Stories from Wonderland Album" album concert

Inspired by the story of Alice in Wonderland, the Looking Glass is a mirror; it symbolizes reflection — we look at ourselves and ask questions of our humanity, rediscover joy, sadness, hope. It is also a portal to new worlds, new possibilities, and dares us to dream. The ensemble plays original music inspired by simple, beautiful every day stories, Asian mythology and more.

A new world fusion sound combining film score, jazz, Chinese, Indian, European classical music. An exotic ensemble of piano, Chinese erhu, Indian violin, saxophone, bass and drums. Each performance features exciting improvisations, blending sonic textures with Bebop, ragas and cool grooves. It's an exciting, spiritual new world fusion journey!

Tze n Looking Glass is Tze (piano), Dai Da (erhu), Lazar (violin), Boon Chye (sax)

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