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MUSIC MATTERS: A Bear Fruit Music Workshop (April 11)

An upcoming music workshop will be provided in April
to share and learn how to make music and succeed in
the music industry. Details are shown as below:

Credits Info.: The BearFruit Academy

Calling all aspiring musicians who live and breathe music! Learn what it takes to make it in the music industry!

The National Library Board (NLB) presents ‘MUSIC MATTERS’
– a 4-part Bear Fruit workshop. The workshop aims to bring together young aspiring musicians with a burning desire to share your music with the world! In this series of workshops, Producer /Composer Roland Lim will share tips, tricks, the knitty gritty and the mindset required to achieve success. Learn to develop the right mindset and work ethic to achieve success, relevant and crucial musical skills to make an impact, entrepreneurship skills to make music your career as well as the marketing and law knowledge required to succeed in the industry.

Participants get to perform their songs at a concert after the completion of the workshop, and 1 artist/band will be handpicked to record a fully-produced song with Roland Lim worth $1500!

Session 1
Bye Bye NOOB
Developing the mindset
What it takes to be a successful artist
Understanding the music business

Session 2 (with guest speaker Esther Ong)
Marketing 101
Band dynamics
Studying your instrument
How to jam and write effectively

Session 3 (with guest speaker Daniel Sassoon)
Getting into the industry
Music Law 101
Performing 101
Guide to getting good gigs!

Session 4
Planning a release (demo/single/EP/album)\
Pre-production/Songwriting/Arrangement 101
Recording Production

The programme is sponsored by NLB, so all we’re looking for in you are:
(i) Aged between 15 to 30 years old
(ii) An inspiring musician – as a solo singer-songwriter or part of a band.
(iii) Commitment to attend all four sessions
(iv) Commitment to work on the music project outside course hours

Dates: Saturdays, 2, 9, 16 & 23 April
Time: 2-4pm
Venue: National Library Building.

All sessions except the one on 16 April will be held at the Visitors’ Briefing Room, Level 1 of the National Library Building. The session on 16th April will be held at the Possibility Room, Level 5.

Drop an email to by 27 March 2011 with the subject header ‘MY MUSIC MATTERS’ and include the following details:
i. Name, NRIC, Contact number
ii. ONE reason why do you want to join this programme
iii. Website links or mp3s of your music


Roland Lim
Roland Lim is a Singaporean Record Producer, perhaps best known locally for his production work with local bands For This Cycle, Run Neon Tiger, For Better Endings and Trella. Roland’s work has consistently garnered critical acclaim, including 5 Junk Sound award nominations and winning Live ‘n’ Loaded’s “Best Breakthrough Artist ” with For This Cycle.

Roland is an experienced sound engineer and has recorded for International singers Jonathan Wong ( OMF Music HK ),Pete Hollens( USA ),Joi Chua (Warner Music) and Australian bands such as Arturo Chaos, Mandalay Victory, Dyscord and Make Them Suffer. In addition ,Roland has composed and arranged music for all of The Virts’ (international card flourishing group) videos, including the Top selling ‘ Anaconda ‘ DVD and also TV spots for companies such as CLEAR and MinuteMaid for Australian Music and Sound Design house SongZu.


Esther Ong
Formerly a HYPE music artiste , Esther is a fully certified speech level vocal coach and has taught countless students at various music schools . In addition she is also an in demand session singer , having performed with Ministers and Superstars at major events .

Daniel Sassoon
Daniel Sassoon is one of the most well known names in Singapore Music , having been top selling indie pop group Electrico’s former Lead guitarist , A legal counsel with SKYPE by day ,and Guitar Hero by Night , Daniel is a well respected ,highly sought after musician and held in the highest regard by the local music scene, having judged Baybeats 09 and 10 and brings his wealth of legal experience to this workshop series.

This programme is presented by Bear Fruit Academy (an initiative of the National Library Board).

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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