Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Juliet Pang (actor of musical Forbidden City & singer of movie theme song "Eating Air") releases her debut album "完美之旅 (the perfect journey)" in Esplanade - 15 Dec 10 & 16 Dec 10

Juliet Pang (singer-songwriter) will be releasing her full-length original debut album, 完美之旅 (the perfect journey) in 15 & 16 December 2010. If u guys don't know about her, she was the singer for the theme song in the movie Eating Air (吃風), and had acted in ensemble roles in SRT productions, Forbidden City and The Snow Queen.

Here's her title song 完美之旅 MV from her 完美之旅 (the perfect journey) album for u guys to enjoy:

完美之旅 MV - Juliet Pang 冯欣慧

Director | 导演: Sam Nai
Videographer | 摄影: Aaron Lim
Sound | 音响: Amin Nur Rashid Bin Sawari
Editor | 编辑: Irene Thang

If u like her, she will be performing at Esplanade on this Wed and Thursday, 15/12/2010 and 16/12/2010 at Concourse, Esplanade, 715-745, 815-845pm on both days. Well the performances are free for public. No reason to say (in Singlish) "Huh, me no $$$ to pay tixs to watch performances lei?"

U can also get her albums on the performance days if u like her songs.

Juliet Pang shares about her journey and the thoughts in the making of this original debut 完美之旅 | the perfect journey.

关于音乐 |About her music Juliet Pang 冯欣慧

Director: Sam Nai
Videographer: Aaron Lim
Editor: Irene Thang
Hair/Makeup: Maryjane + Esther
Sound: Amin Nur Rashid Bin Sawari

Want to listen to more songs from her album "完美之旅"(the perfect journey)?

A new section been added in my blog: "New music reaching to your souls...from Singers/Music Artists/Musicians in Singapore!". It's at the right side top corner (below the section "Search within MusicArtLifeSg Blog") in my music blog. Some of Juliet Pang song covers are also featured in the section. 

U can expect more recommended music/albums every now and then in this section. 
Take care and let the music touch your hearts! :)

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