Friday, December 24, 2010

Debut Album "我们是TKB" to be released soon from TKB (A New Rock Band in Town!)

A new rock band TBK will be releasing their debut album sponsored by various 
companies (, EARTHLING, TATTOO CRAFT). Its great to see
companies supporting music here in Singapore!

Information Credits Given To Derrick Tacttooman(TBK):


Debut Album soon!---- "我们是TKB"

It's a new lease of ROck elements/factors the band discovered through
hours of rehearsing and branding.

TKB是 Nicole,Kenny,Matt,Derrick.

TKB’s musical direction summons from an array of different influences and cohesively dedicated their strengths forming dynamic rhythm, raw power and suspending melodies.

TKB can be head-banging heavy, can appear convincingly dark, can affect depressively, can trigger energetic emotions, can sound awfully angsty..

Rock is an understatement.

The soon to release self titled album 我们是 TKB also reflects a truly Singapore produce.

As recited in our mandarin pledge "我们是..."

The little reds incorporated in the album front artwork is to remind of the growing music arts culture in ‘little red dot’ Singapore and wherever this piece of hard copy goes,it is to remind of this effort produced by Singaporean,printed in Singapore,recorded in Singapore- well within high fidelity industry standards.
We are TKB, although small like Singapore but is capable of outputting loud & rude good mannerisms for all genre to pay attention to.
All good musics must be put onto tape as music will live on eternally with today’s technology.

If you need some angsty headbanging solutions, TKB may well be your dose of energy to rough it out and scream along with!

Drop TKB a visit at FB official page and watch their Introduction teaser trailers & first official release to public,titled"-黑色相片".

TKB demands your attention,if music is a huge part of your life,TKB shall rock everyone ,in mandarin,in hokkien, in english & in music,the Universal language.

More of TKB can be seen & heard at

TKB Anthem

TKB Introduction Trailer

TKB Official FB page-


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