Saturday, July 24, 2010

Inch Chua "Wallflower" Album Launch Concert Launch - 30 July 10

This talented singer-songwriter Inch Chua
is launching her new album concert in July @ Esplanade.

Among the talented songwriters who
I come across, she is definitely one who
shines and soothes your ears with
her pleasing and heartwarming vocals with
melodious original tunes and honest lyrics.

To be frank, I am pretty much surprised
that even her music album is free to be downloaded.
Yes...its true that she writes original songs and let
people download for free.

But I must salute to her that she does not even
ask people to buy her own music album.

I mean good songwriters put in so much
effort and time to write new songs and produce
new albums. Yet she gives permission for people
to download her songs for free.

U guys can download her music album for free!!!
If you really like her songs and wish to show some support,
you can catch her live in her new album concert launch recital
@ Esplanade in July.

Details can be found below.

SYNOPSIS from Sistic

If you know the music of Inch Chua, you will come to love how she playfully contrasts quirky electronic beats and alluringly acoustic songs with heartfelt lyrics. Join her in this Late Nite outing as she plays her first full length concert, featuring tunes from her debut EP The Bedroom and brand new full-length album Wallflower (both free-for-download and lovingly recorded within the four walls of her bedroom).

This is a show not to be missed as she brings a whole troupe of backing musicians known as The Metric System to add to the festivities! Being the first female singer-songwriter to represent Singapore in both South by Southwest in Austin, Texas and MIDI Festival in Beijing, China, she will be performing songs which melds her love for 60 girl-groups, introspective folk and modern day electronica. Another Esplanade Presents programme

Co-presented by Aging Youth

Buy tickets here!!!

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