Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prize for original music composition - Latest entry by 11 April 09

Dear Music friends and lovers,

if u are looking at my music blog, do take note to look at all events for the past 2 months since there are quite a number of interesting music stuff happening. Alternatively u can RSS (subscribe for free) to get the latest interesting upcoming music news happening in Singapore. Just drop me an email! ;>

The credit of the following information goes to Jerry (organisor of Singapore Singers Songwriters Meetup Group):

Hi to all Singapore Singers-Songwriters Meetup members!

I will like to kindly announce to you on a soft launch of our website at . This is a beta version in which the final one will be very much different with better integrated designs and features. As mentioned, there are several projects that we are working on and we will gradually release the projects (along with the monetary reward prizes) in stages by May 2009. We hope to garner your support in submitting your demo pieces in regards specifically to the music requests that are pending.I will like to hereby officially seek your kind music pieces to be uploaded for 2 Music Requests we have currently. They actually belongs to an event held by Ministry of Community, Youth, and Sports (MCYS). Upon your submission, this is how we will like to show our appreciation:

1.) Selected winning entries will be rewarded with an Indonesia trip (return tickets included, a 5-star resort stay at Holiday Inn with breakfast...2D1N)

2.) You will be given the opportunity to perform your selected song at a Mediacorp event during this Indonesia trip.

3.) We are currently scouting for talents to be recruited on board with us permanently as a full-time musician.

4.) Your submitted entries that are selected will be recognised and published on related MCYS website.

Furthermore, you will be credited through an additional given privilege to be featured in our "Highlights" section. Here are the 2 Music Requests below which we will like to appeal towards your kind contribution: and I look forward to your kind replies and sincerely appreciate any contributions and comments. Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely


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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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