Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blues Duo Gig @ the Old Brown Shoe - 25th April 09

Here's an email from some blue musician's gig performance happening this weekend(Credits goes to Louis Lam - Chicken Shack Revival):

Hi Everyone!

Louis here, your friendly neighborhood singer and harmonica dude from Chicken Shack Revival, how u doin?!I'm pleased to inform you I've been invited to perform with Mr Victor Chen, the cool dude with awesome slide guitar action, at the Old Brown Shoe on Saturday 25th April, 2045hrs onwards. We'll be performing in a blues duo format with Victor on acoustic/electric guitars and yours truly on vocals and harmonica. We'll be slightly amplified, playing through small low powered 5 watts tube amps reminiscence of the good ol' days where blues just arrived at the bright lights, big city of the northern towns (Chicago, Detroit) from the rural south. You'll hear the mix of rural earthiness combined with exciting electrified urban vibe. So come on down to the "Shoe" and boogie on with us as we present you with a good ol' blues repertoire from the 40s-60s era plus a few mo' modern surprises.

Details of the Gig for your convenience:
Date: Saturday 25th April 2009
Time: 2045hrs onwardsVenue: The Old Brown Shoe
Address: 619F Bukit Timah Road S(269726)

See you there!
Louis Lam

About Mr. Victor Chen:A long time musical accomplice of mine. We go way back to our very first band L'il Lloyd and the Blues Virus. Victor is conversant with all forms of blues guitar playing. From old school Robert Johnson finger style to Muddy Waters/Elmore James Slide style to cool west coast stylings of T-bone walker. He plays with great rhythm/lead style that sometimes suggests two guitars playing simultaneously. He is at home with both electric and acoustic blues styling. Check out his personal homepage for more information:

About Old Brown Shoe:A good ol' English pub located along Bukit Timah Rd near to Coronation Plaza. Great ambience for a Saturday night out with friends. The popular dish here is fish and chips, served in a newspaper. Food and Drinks are resonably priced too. They have Heineken, Kilkenny, Guiness and Strongbow cider on tap, plus a large selection of English ales (like Abbot), ciders (like Bulmers) and other exotic beers. A great selection of Wines also. Great food, great ambience, great music and with your favourite beverage in hand, hmmm sure sounds good!

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