Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonder - Intersection of Art and Music (2 April 16)

Picture Credits To Matzo Art Gallery

Check out this interesting event where the combination of art and sound creation comes alive. Once I will get the publicity release (in the midst of finalising) from Mazto Art Gallery, I will upload it on my site.

Deciphering C.C.C.D. Looping Interview with Randolf Arriola:

Information below given by Mazto Art Gallery:

is found at the intersection of art + music 

What would sound look like if it was painted?
This is what Randolf Arriola and AUSRA 
will attempt to answer.

Sat, 2 April 2016
7pm - 9pm
B°NU Space

*If you have successfully bidded for the painting, the ticket price will be deducted from the price of the work. 

Part of The Letter W, a showcase of woodcuts, mixed media and watercolors by Lee Ruixiang and ausra. till 14 April 2016.

About Randolf Arriorla
Randolf Arriola is a Singaporean singer-songwriter/guitarist with over 20 years of professional experience. Having performed as one of the four headline acts of the Y2K10 International Live Looping Festival in USA, he is now regarded as one of the finest solo live-looping artists in the world. 
Read more about Randolf in this interview by TODAY here:

AUSRA is a French-Lithuanian artist who has participated in over 40 exhibitions in France and Lithuania. Her works have been bought by municipalities, banks, private collections and individuals. At the same time, she created and restored stained glass works for schools, municipalities and old folks’ homes in France and Belgium. AUSRA has won many awards including Premier Prix “Salon des Arts” Brettville sur Ay 2011.

When she came to Singapore at the end of 2013, she started a new series called “Mon Singapour” (My Singapore).

Organised by Matzo Art Gallery , supported by B.NU Space.

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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