Friday, October 3, 2014

MusicArtLifeSG Coverage - Y2K14 Live Loop Asia 2014 Singapore

Dear readers,

Have u attended Y2K14 International Live Loop Asia Festival in Singapore?
If you have missed it, it's a pity! U should come next year.

Check out some of the videos captured in the festival.

Credits goes to Beng Hui for recording Mandoman Snippet video

Special moment
Randolf Arriola (Y2K14 Live Loop Asia organiser) came up on stage 
and started an impromptu live vocal and music jam with Singaporean Live Looper Weish.

Stylish Nonsense totally blew me off! 

Lol...never have I seen any group like them! 
Their performance was just eccentric in an interesting way. 

The crowd were shouting together with them in their song "Here come frequency". 
For those who were there to watch them live, you know what I mean. :P

Below is a chilled version of their songs:

Some wonderful people I have met during the festival: 
  • Singapore-based live loopers: Seah Goh, Edward Cheang, Weish, Kai, Roz Feroz, Ismahairie, SA, Randolf Arriola
  • Thailand-based live loopers: Kasemsmai Wongchayasilpa, Stylish Nonsense 
  • Japanese-based looper: Mandoman Hideki 
  • Other loopers: Para Sabda (United States) and Wil Kolen (Netherlands)
  • Sound Crew Engineer: Yew Jin
  • Musicians: Yan Neil Chan 
  • Photographer: John Nathan Fernandez
  • Audience: Max Tkachenko, Ashley Neo, Germaine etc...
  • Inventor of early Pioneer Live looper device "Lexicon PCM42" rack unit (which was developed to Lexicon JamMan in early 90s): Gary Hall

If I missed out your name, ahh...sorry about that. TOo many people. 
U can say "hi" to me if you see me in future music gigs. 
Haha..I am pretty "shy".

Lastly I want to thank Randolf Arriola, Live Loop Asia merchanise/logitics helpers, Artistry, SAE crew 
and Singapore representative music partners (SAE Institute, Team108, Awe in One, Pulse of Music, Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd), those donators who have contributed to show their support in Live Loop Asia Festival.

I am just grateful for this experience.
It was being real being part of the looping community...totally live and unrehearsed... .

Live looping is like tightrope walking. It take guts to do it live. 
U record yourself performing live in small musical parts and 
you cannot press rewind when it goes you can "undo".

When the performance go seriously hay-wired/"wrong", 
let's support these loopers by giving them encouragement 
and cheering them on. 

For those who are in Thailand, catch other live loopers in Thailand 
as the festival continues its tour to its last destination Thailand this year.

More details on Live Loop Asia Festival website

That's all from me AJ signing off...haha...Remember to subscribe and follow MusicArtLifeSG on twitter. More special videos to come! :)

FYI: I am always on a constant lookout for people (photographers, reporters, media students) to join me in covering music news. If you are interested, contact me via email:

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