Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sounds of Shopping (SOS) Series: Sound/Audio Branding Affects U!

Did you know that 90% of shoppers are more likely to
shop and recommend a store that plays music?

Did you know that 25% of retail businesses agree that
they will lose business if music1 is not played in their stores?

MusicArtLifeSG presents “Sounds of Shopping” (SOS) - A series on
how music is used commercially to create great marketing, sales and shopping experiences.

The series aim to look at the sounds of shopping from three perspectives
1) Retailers
2) Consumers
3) Musicians

Relationship between Music and Shopping 
Retailers are increasingly recognizing the importance of sound/audio branding.

What exactly is sound/audio branding?
Here's a little insight from the video below:

Music has the ability to shape the behavior of consumers to generate
higher sales and better brand recall.

Consumers have spent more time “window shopping”
(shopping without the intent of buying) than ever.

Why is music so important in shopping?
Check out the video and listen to what some people say in the street.

Music Boost Sales and Productivity
Music has the ability to boost the morale of workers
thus improving the sales and productivity for businesses
and employers.

Throughout the series, we will be looking at 

some common problems from stores in managing 
their "Sound-Scape" from the retailers' point of view.

We will also be sharing some good sound/audio branding

practices that retail owners could possibly use for their stores. ;)

Imagine this store without music playing in the background!

Nowadays modern shoppers/consumers are no longer viewing
shopping as simply getting what they want.

Rather they pursuit a greater sense experience and relationship
with shops they visited.

Consumers command higher service expectations on retailers when faced
with so many choices than ever before.

As such, having the best products may not be sufficient to attract customers.

Sound/audio branding could be your key in unlocking more sales,
connecting with yr existing customers and attracting more potential customers.

Consumers are more likely to enjoy shopping and
make positive recommendations when they hear good music.

My Music PLAYED but not PAID?
As a site for musicians, we have a stake in protecting the interests of fellow musicians! 

The trend of using sound/audio branding is a good sign. 

Musicians should be able to earn more royalties 
since shops have to pay for public broadcasting rights 
for the music they play. 

However there may be retailers out there who want to avoid 

paying such rights and take the risk of getting fined or jailed. 

Some retailers are also not aware of such licensing rights. 

This is indeed a “SOS” call-for-help situation for musicians 

when their efforts in creating music are not acknowledged. I can pay my bills and make more great music for people and business!

Stay tune for more!
Our team has visited more than 100 stores in Singapore to
find out their choice of music.

From fashion outlets like Berksha, LaSenza and Gap to
beauty and wellness shops like Faceshop and Bodyshop,
we reveal our findings and share with you what
we and others think about their "Sound-Scape"!

Last but not least, a quiz for u to listen and identity your favorite brands.

Stay tuned as more surprises will be revealed in the upcoming entries. :)

Have something to say about your shopping sense experience or want to know
more about audio branding?

Join our twitter page and leave your comments with the hastag #sosbrand.
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Until then, take care and ROCK the SOUND in U! 

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