Friday, June 29, 2012

Kong Hee Charged for Misuse of City Harvest Church funds in Sun Ho's music career!

Recently City Harvest Church founder and pastor Kong Hee and a few other related
City Harvest Church (CHC) personnel were arrested in June 2012 for alleged misuse of
church funds.

"According to a statement from the Commissioner of Charities (COC), 
the funds were believed to have been used to finance the music career of  Kong's pop-star wife, Ho Yeow Sun." (

If the source in funding Sun's music career is investigated to be true,
I cannot imagine the hard-earned money of CHC Christians
to be spent on an individual singer in the name of spreading the faith in Christianity.

Your $$$ could have gone into making the music video of "China Wine" below!!! 

Personally I feel that the music video is just hyped up with all that 
silly "China Wine" rattling words and fast catchy beats.
Yea...lots of sexy dancers in the video...which I believe is to

sustain the viewers' attention.

Nope...I would not pay $$$ to buy this song 
and torture myself with Sun Ho's vocals in this song. 

If u look at the lyrics of the China Wine song, it's hard to
find any evidence of the lyrics conveying the message of
Christianity faith to anyone. Link of China White Song lyrics:

Somehow I cannot understand the relationship in
spreading Christianity faith towards non-Christians
in this video.

Is it just me who cannot understand it? Share your views in our twitter or facebook page!

I would think that Shinggay Gay (rapper from Singapore)
does a better job in making his own music video "Let's Roll"
without a 23 million fund budget!


Yea... ShiGGaShay is also launching his own album launch party soon!
Location: HOME Club
Date: Friday 13 July, 8pm
Cost: $13 (with a drink)
More details of his launch party:

If u like his music, come watch him live at HOME Club! I invited to HOME Club for his album party?
Not at the moment! :|

But in any case, it should not matter as my site aims to feature quality music in Singapore. :)

More from MediaCorp TV Channel 5 news on the CHC misuse of funds matters in 2010:

More news links on the matter:

For those who just can't get enough of the lasting impression on Sun's videos, the video below is for u!
She may have literally KILLED MR BILL with the hard-earned $$$. :P

Thats all folks. Till then, subscribe and stay tuned to more SG music affairs in my site!

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