Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A blast at MusicMatters 2012!

Finally MusicMatters 2012 is over!!!

These few days have been amazing for MusicArtLifeSG!!!

We were literally running around the whole Ritz-Carlton Millenia 
and Clarke Quay for the shows, talks and interviews with 
various bands and artists.

For those who didn't manage to catch the live shows in the festival,
catch the official Youtube MusicMatters Live performances below:

Due to the time constraint and certain artist constraints,
we couldn't interview the artists/bands from every country
in the festival.

However we interviewed some interesting, funny and talented
bands/artists in various music genres and countries.

Yea we hear your voices through our survey. We will be keeping u guys
updated for the interviews and news - Subscribe/follow us through 
email, facebook or twitter.

A List of Thank U 
All the speakers, bands, artists, soundcrew and wonderful people 
from MusicMatters for the wonderful experiences in Singapore!

All the bands/artists from Singapore in MusicMatters Live 2012:

U guys have done us proud in representing Singapore and showing
our music to the world! Keep working hard and keep your dreams alive!

How can I forget to thank the wonderful people

from Fulford PR?

A BIG THANK TO Fulford PR staff (Khew Shu Ping, Sarah, Anu Ramasamy & rest of the crew) 

in sending us the latest updates and making interviews with the artists/bands 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank

those who have assisted MusicArtLifeSG
currently or in the past for media coverage:

1) Allan Valentino (Videographer)

2) Ben (Video Editing)
3) Dempster Lee (Interviewer)
And to anyone else who I have missed out!

For those who are interested in helping us, do 

drop us an email or contact us! 

We are more than happy to welcome u guys

into the team!

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THANK U!!! Click on advertisments to support my cause in music harmony & diversity in Singapore!

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