Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Stellar Memory" EP Launch album Experience ROCKS!!!

Hey guys,

whats happening?

I was back from an awesome
"Stellar Memory" EP Launch album
concert launch
at *SCAPE Youth Centre.
It was totally an awesome, touching
and crazy experience I had.

As a band, Stellar Memory is tight with good
balance of sound between each instruments
(which I find lacking in some local rock bands....
like drums totally drowning the guitars etc...
thats why listening to each band
member in a band is important). I especially
like the various interesting chords...and harmony
which were used in the songs. They even had
guest violist and keyboardist in action!!!

Their stage presence is electrifying!
They had the audience singing together with them.
With so much energy and drive in them on stage
makes me feel so young lol...although I am not
in my teens.

With touching moments like Cliff (on-off boyfriend drummer)
proposal to his girlfriend and confessing love
from Ernie guitarist with love songs, my jaw just literally dropped!

Btw I want to thank the guys
for mentioning my name to thank on the
stage. U guys really caught me by surprise!

If u guys haven't catch them live,
u should listen to their music
online and buy their EP!!!

Not to forget to thank the ever shy singer
song-writer For this cycle and guest lady musicians
cum percussionist Cove Red for their
wonderful vocal harmony and soothing chill music
with soft beats... .

In the meanwhile, I am going to
enjoy Stellar Memory music
rocking my way in my room.

Lol...its strange...really I am
not a typically rocker man but
who cares? When it comes to music,
good music is meant to be appreciated
in my eyes.

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